The Overlooked Challenges of Staff Visa Management in Australia

Australia is the land of wonders. Our beautiful land sees hundreds and thousands of migrants every year taking up employment opportunities here. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics over 26% of the working population comprises migrant workers. This adds up to the compliance management task for companies’ HR departments. With everyone working under different Visas with dynamic visa conditions, this calls for the introduction of an automated system to maintain and update the employee records to avoid any discrepancies and legal hindrances. Furthermore, the man-hours it takes to put together employee records in compliance with the rules and regulations is bizarre. Looking at this problem, we can surely say that a visa status check is a necessity to have in Workforce Management of today’s times.

Streamlining Compliance with Technology

Our team at The Scouts saw this problem, understood the needs, and rose to the occasion. With almost everything under its wing, from rostering and scheduling to generating leads into your own CRM system, The Scouts is here to assist HR with compliance management. With automated Visa checks, businesses can stay up to date with their employees’ availability and can plan accordingly in terms of their ever-changing employment situations. Live Visa Tracking helps employers and even employees to keep up to speed with their working commitments.
For some specific businesses where there is a need for license checks such as security industries, it is imperative that the same process is taken up to fulfill the license needs too. So on so forth, there will always be a need to keep documents in certain files and folders section and be updated and checked automatically according to the company’s requirements.

Operational Efficiency Through Automated Visa Checks

When a quarter portion of a country’s workforce consists of migrant workers, it becomes a necessity to have a system on board that understands and solves the need for automated compliance. With the built-in communication portal, it becomes easy to select the employees and pass on the message through calls, SMSs, and emails to take care of the situation at hand regarding their visa conditions.

The Importance of Accurate Visa Rostering

Many times, establishments take up people with different visa conditions under their employment. This may cause havoc because each visa has its dynamic working conditions under which the visa holder must work and if they ditch these conditions then it can cause both the employee and employer major legal problems. To avoid any such kind of problem it is imperative that the workforce management system only rosters such employees under their visa conditions. This helps the operations be more efficient as they don’t have to go around searching for various conditions under various Visas. Automated document check and alerts whenever there is a discrepancy helps operations to use their valuable time on rather more relevant matters.

Enhancing Business Continuity with Proactive Visa Management

The need to have automated visa checks and alerts is vital for sales too. There have been instances when a worker who didn’t have much time left on their visa was taking up newer clients and leads to contact personally and by the time their stay was coming to an end it left a void as their account had high numbers of leads which were yet to be converted from being contacted. An employer who knows the timeline of the stay of their employees can give access to the CRM as per their availability in the future so that there is no business lost or kept hanging for too long due to a sudden change in the employment structure.

A Unified Solution for Complex Visa Management Challenges

With Payroll integration, rostering and scheduling, CRM, and now compliance management in terms of having all the documents intact and automated document check as well as visa checks, the scouts cater to every business as a whole. The need to have different software for different categories and problems is obsolete now. With the Scouts make your business run smoothly and enhance your productivity by having a single software helping your Accounts, HR, Sales, and Management teams.

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