Management worldwide seeks, identify, sort, and then employee workforces to streamline their business organisation to their optimal potential. Henri Fayol said, “To manage is to forecast and plan, organise, command, coordinate and control. Foreseeing and planning means examining the future and drawing up a plan of action. Organise means building up the undertaking’s dual structure, material and human. To command means binding together, unifying, and harmonising all activity and effort. To control means seeing that everything occurs in conformity with established rules and expressed demand” Henri Fayol (1916) cited in: Russell C. Swansburg (1996) Management and Leadership for Nurse Managers, p1.

World has changed over the years, rather rapidly in the last few decades, and these lines by the father of management have stood the testament of time. Managers act as the spine of every business organisation’s anatomy. There are certain aspects a manager should consider regarding their well-being, physically and mentally. Mental health has been a dilemma in this modern world where the inability to keep up with the pressure at work causes untimely exhaustion in individuals, which, in turn, affects the organisation too. One should consider that management roles have been thrown into the void of unending compliance requirements, document checks, and time management while ensuring that the workforce under them is being used at their optimum level, ensuring the effective and efficient running of the organisation.

Where does it come from?

There are several methods to cope with the ongoing pressure of work, such as meditation, journaling, and exercising, but what if there was a better solution to help the managers of all business organisations to load off some duties by sharing some responsibilities, which can help with time management and effective use of manager’s intellect in the business. The need for staffing solutions software is most significant in today’s times as several companies require automated document checks such as licences of their vendors/workforce, visa checks of the immigrant workforce, and various other scheduling requirements which are taking up a significant amount of time and energy of the immediate managers, who should have been spending their invaluable time trying to find practical methods to use the business resources for best returns optimally.

247 staffing solutions identifies this prevalent problem at the core level and has been working tirelessly on it. We are happy to announce that we are soon developing a product that shall act as the extension arm of managers worldwide and lead businesses to efficient and profitable work ethics.