An estimated 347.3 billion emails are sent each day around the globe. This figure is projected to increase to 392.5 billion daily e-mails by 2026. This makes it one of the most effective services and an active way to reach out to your customers. The rules of the game are changing. What worked five years ago doesn’t work now. Yet it’s a chief player in any business strategy. Ideal Email Marketing Strategy in CRM has proved its worth not only in attaining customers but also in political campaigns of Barack Obama.

Customer Satisfaction is the pedestal of any effective marketing campaign. The dynamics of the age demand a great understanding of the needs and preferences of the audience. Huge systems are built to sort the information and deal with the customers in the most effective way. Successful Email marketing delves to provide relevant content and helps build a positive customer relationship.

Dealing with Instances of Customer Dissatisfaction is one of the most essential components of Email Marketing as it has a huge impact on your brand reputation and maintaining relations with the customers. Devising an ideal Email Marketing Strategy would require companies to develop a thorough understanding of their customers and a level of sincerity to seek solutions to the problems their customers face. It’s important for you to empathize with your customers. Be genuine in your efforts to resolve that issue they are facing because if you don’t understand the People, you don’t understand The Business.

Here are the steps you can follow to rebuild that broken relationship with a customer.

  • Use your Customer’s Name
  • Empathize with your customers.
  • Identify the right problem.
  • Show understanding of the problem.
  • Offer a specific solution.
  • Anticipate questions or concerns.

Let’s discuss these in detail.

Use your Customer’s Name

Personalizing your response is not just a strategy; it’s a great way to build meaningful connections with your audience. It’s important that you always address your customers with their name. “Dear John, is always better than Dear Customer.”

Nothing could be more boring than receiving an auto generated response on email.

Personalized responses are taken as genuine and thoughtful interactions catering to individual preferences and needs. Always refer to the history of purchase to tailor your messages.

It's not, "You might like these… (Randomly generated)", but "You might like these (based on my purchase history)".

Empathize with your Customers.

Familiarizing with your customers and knowing their journey is the key step in building meaningful relations with your customers.

Because it’s people in the end and people look for a considerate response.

Empathizing with customers makes you understand their needs, concerns, and aspirations. Empathy builds trust and a genuineness in your messages. It can go a long way in building trust and loyalty.

Identify the Right problem.

Identifying the right problem is the key to understanding and fix an issue. And it might lead to a greater understanding of what is harboring your company’s success. By digging into your data, listening to feedback, and understanding your audience, you can uncover the root cause.

It could be the issue with pricing or product or a customer service or Failure to Meet Specific Expectations or Failure to Meet Perceived or Implied Expectations or Issues with Usability etc.
Realizing the specific problems of your identified customers can build that trust you seek. Remember it’s always easier and less expensive to win your customers back than finding out the new ones.

Show understanding of the problem.

DO research to understand the problem at hand. Ideal Email Marketing Strategy in CRM always show concern for your customers and make a genuine effort to first develop your comprehension of the issue before you begin to respond. It’s like going into the heart of the problem and developing a thorough understanding of the issue and its concerning areas.
Do acknowledge the anger or frustration of your customer. Do not deny it.
Acknowledge any glitches there might be in the system. It will build trust and loyalty and an original effort on your part to amend it for now and further as well.

Make sure that you provide an honest experience to your customers and assure that you are working hard to help them out of any situation they may have faced.

Identifying the core cause of the matter and developing an understanding of it will give you the perfect chance to amend your relations with your customer.

Offer a Specific Solution

Always focus on resolving the problem. Once you have delved deep into the problem and have identified the root cause, make a candid effort to seek solution for your customer.

You might provide an exciting incentive or a discount or an exclusive sneak peek or priority access with a replacement or refund according to the policy of the company.

Choose what’s best for your customer and what suits you.

Anticipate Questions or concerns.

Before you end your email, always leave room for your customers to contact you and ask you in case of any queries. Show them that you are still open for further communication and it’s on them to end the conversation.

Last but not least, always develop mobile friendly apps for your email marketing campaigns. The world is changing and so is Ideal Email Marketing Strategy in CRM. You will have to modify your company and your processes according to it. Be open to changes and continue to evolve yourself.

Follow the guidelines given and it will surely help you revive your business and your relationship with your customers.