Privacy Policy

June 2, 2021 2023-10-24 11:08

Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy pertains to “The Scouts,” a product of Seablue Trading Pty Ltd, ACN 626276837 (referred to as “We,” “Us,” or “SBT”). We operate a mobile application that stores location and personal information in accordance with your employer’s requirements. Our practices strictly adhere to the Privacy Principles outlined in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) and the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs), detailing how we manage personal information in compliance with Australian Privacy Law.

1. Collection of Personal Information

As a subscriber to this mobile application, we may collect and retain your personal information. This may include, but is not limited to, your name, contact details, address, employer information, professional certifications, security licences, qualifications, licences or memberships, passport details, your position, geographic location details, created usernames and passwords, records of our communications with you (including messages you send us), information about products and services accessed through our mobile application, feedback, and any other information as required from time to time. Periodically, we may also collect Visa or VEVO Check results and your financial and banking details on behalf of your employer. Please note that we are not responsible for any financial payments, remuneration, incentives, or bonus payments related to your services for your employer. Additionally, we collect information about our contractors, suppliers, business partners, and employees of these entities as required for business interactions. We do not gather information about political, religious associations, or sexual preferences when providing services to you. Failure to provide the information above may result in us being unable to offer you the desired services.

2. Cookies

Our website and mobile application employ cookies to identify users based on their viewed content and visit frequency. Most internet browsers offer the option to turn off cookies – refer to your browser’s help menu for guidance. While you can still browse our website and mobile application with cookies disabled, some functionality may be limited or malfunction. This could impact the services your employer requires and affect your employment. We do not assume responsibility for the privacy policies of third-party websites or links shared on our website or mobile application.

3. Confidentiality Policy

We use your confidential information solely for the purpose of providing services and implement rigorous measures to safeguard it from unauthorised use. This includes preventing unauthorised access to areas where confidential information is stored. All our computers and equipment are password-protected and equipped with robust protection against online threats.

4. Use and Disclosure of Personal Information

We utilise your personal information for service provision, communication with users and/or service recipients, product and service support, geographic location reporting, notifications, status updates, surveys, questionnaires, identity verification, compliance with legal and regulatory obligations, management of legal or commercial complaints, and issue resolution. Additionally, we may use personal information for the enhancement and development of products and services and to notify you of these enhancements.

5. Method of Collection

We may request the collection of personal information when you set up an account with us and provide information via email (electronic information), fax, telephone, or hard copy. Additionally, information may be collected when you subscribe to our newsletter or services, visit our office and sign in, or through third parties such as representatives, contractors, or referrals.

6. Sharing of Personal Information

We may share personal information with your employer, representatives, staff, business partners, agents, service providers, prospective purchasers of our business or related entities, professional advisers, and as required by law, regulation, court order, subpoena, warrant, or law enforcement agency request.

7. Opting Out of Marketing Communications

You have the option to opt out of receiving marketing communications by contacting us at or following the “unsubscribe” link in the communication.

8. De-Identification of Information

We may de-identify your information, making it impossible to identify you. This de-identified information may be aggregated and used in our business operations.

9. Access and Correction

You may contact us to correct any information about you. We may request necessary evidence or documentation before making changes depending on the correction required. We strive to correct information promptly after you provide relevant evidence.

If you wish to access or correct personal information held by us, please get in touch with us at

10. Storage and Security

Our computers and storage facilities store information in hard and soft copies. We retain information only as long as necessary to offer services. Information is kept secure, with computers being password-protected. While we store all personal information within Australia, access may be available from other countries, including the U.S., Singapore, India, and New Zealand. Our subcontractors adhere to Privacy Act requirements regarding transferring or storing personal information overseas. Transmission and exchange of information are at your own risk, and we cannot guarantee its security.

11. Policy Changes

We reserve the right to modify the above policies at any time. It is advisable to contact us with any objections before using or accessing information on our website or mobile application.

12. Credit/Debit Card Information

This section pertains solely to collecting, protecting, and disclosing credit card and debit card transaction information. We collect and use such information for business purposes, safeguarding it with physical, electronic, and procedural measures. Disclosure of this information is limited to legal requirements and audit purposes.

13. Contact Information

If you have concerns or complaints regarding any matters mentioned above or our website/mobile application, please get in touch with us:


Address: L4, 4.14/111 Overton Road Williams Landing VIC 3027

We will make every effort to resolve your concern within a reasonable timeframe. If you feel your complaint remains unresolved, you may contact the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC). Details can be found at

Approved and Executed by Seablue Trading Pty Ltd ACN 626276837 by Section 127 of the Corporations Act 2001.