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November 13, 2023 2024-01-01 7:58

Reach your entire team with a Quick Email.

Check to see if you can reach out to everyone in the workforce with just a few clicks, including current and new employees. QuickEmail will ensure that, whether it's an urgent update, a warm welcome to new members or regular checks in the system, your message gets sent as soon as possible with no headache associated with standard email setup.

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Customise your emails with custom filters and functions.

Every business in Australia is unique, and so should its communication. You can create your settings with Quick Email. The first impression that you give is your email's subject line. Quick Email makes it easy to develop concise message lines, guaranteeing a high open rate and the engagement of your staff. Custom filters give you a personal touch, as the CC and BCC functions are ideal for various communications.

Personalised Emails Made Easy

You can select from various email templates to match your company's style and culture. You can add a professional touch by adding your signature. Quick email allows you to communicate a message and an overview of your brand.

More than just an emailing tool

Quick email is more than simply an email software; it is a critical component of your workforce. Its user-friendly design facilitates and expedites communication by incorporating it into regular activities. It is about creating relationships and forming an integrated team, not just transmitting messages.

Your Partner in Growth

The Scouts' quick email is more than a feature. It's your growth partner. It is about creating a sense of belonging for all the team members; each word counts, and every conversation has meaning. With Quick Email, you can enter a new communications era and take your business to the next level.


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