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October 11, 2023 2024-01-01 7:37

Turn Every Tick into Success with The Scouts Timeclock!

Time & Attendance Software

Discover Exceptional Time & Attendance Mastery with Timeclock! Imagine a world where every second of your team's efforts is not just recorded but optimised, analysed, and transformed into productivity. A world where every tick of the clock resonates with the sound of seamless operations, accurate payroll, and strategic work schedules. Dive into a feature where we unravel the layers of Timeclock, a tool that doesn't just track time but elevates every moment into a strategic asset for your organisation. 




Living Calling,call dashboard

Effortless Time Tracking:

Experience a world where every second counts through a user-friendly interface to create a positive and equitable working culture for your dynamic team. 

Digital Forum

Effective Compliance:

Ensure you protect your organisation from controversy by keeping precise, accurate time records and following labour standards. 

Visa/Vevo Check

Real-Time Analytical Insights:

With real-time analytics, the quick, complete information on the staff's working hours provides a new road towards better scheduling and more intelligent decision-making.  

Leave Management, time and attendance software

Enhanced Productivity Monitoring:

Highlight the highest-productivity times and areas for improvement to increase efficiency through educational and data-driven strategies.


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Employee Clock-In/Clock-Out

It's always been difficult to keep an attendance record for your staff. The sign-in and out process for employees is automated by our time clock software. Every minute, whether it's arriving at work or leaving for a break and finishing the shift, is effectively monitored by our system.

GPS Tracker and Geofence, The Invisible Sentinels:

Track your staff's on-site presence and movement with The Scouts mobile app in real-time. Moreover, establish Geofences, invisible boundaries that, when crossed, sing alerts and notifications, providing the strategic movement of your staff and enhancing the security of your management.

Payroll Integration

Keep a record of the total hours staff work on each site using the mobile app to keep time sheets error-free. Automatically link worked hours to payroll, ensuring accurate compensation. Reduce the likelihood of errors and enhance employee satisfaction.

Overtime & Break Tracking

The Scout's time clock automatically calculates overtime, allowing you to remain in compliance with the rules of employment. 

Software that lets your staff Take control

Time management is an integral part of a productive workforce, and we at The Scout's Time Clock understand the necessity for flexibility in controlling time and attendance. Our time clock software allows you to manage your employees' schedules and attendance at work, providing you with an all-in-one solution for employee time monitoring.

Ready to Transform Your Scheduling Experience?

Join us on a journey of simpler, strategic scheduling and experience as your team's time and talent are seamlessly managed. Let's collaborate to build strategic work schedules that ensure your firm flows to the pace of success, unchecked and uninterrupted.


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