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Your Complete Workforce & CRM Solution


How Does It Work?

Empowering All With Seamless Scheduling, Every Shift, Every Time

Smart Software to Automate Employee Scheduling, Live Reporting, Team Chat, GPS Tracking, Tasks & Reports, Dashboard Analytics & More.

Rostering Solutions for Workforce Management
Create shifts with Drag & Drop options, broadcast a job, flexible - template, and one & two-week rosters.
License Management
Keep up to date with your personnel licenses. Alerts to you and your staff as well.

Our CRM Solution – Your Gateway To Impact in Australia

It facilitates communication through numerous platforms, making sharing and tracking interactions easier. This CRM can also provide extensive and reliable analytics provided by the dashboard, providing you with crucial insights for every customer in real-time.

What We provide

Peace of Mind with
Scalable Spend

Sign-on digitally: Staff create timesheets for payroll and invoicing.
Staff Induction
Compel your staff to read and acknowledge documents before accepting a shift to create a compliant Workforce Management in Australia
Automate payroll processing and quickly generate/export detailed invoice reports with just one click.
Friendly Support
As technology becomes more integrated into our daily lives, its effects are increasingly significant.
What We provide

Power Up With The Scouts

Labour Cost
Scheduling Hours
Staff Performance
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Provide The Right Tools To Your Team To Achieve More

Improve communication at every level – Message personnel by email or SMS. Choose by individual, Access Level or Shift.
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