October 19, 2023 2024-01-05 6:31

A Comprehensive View of Your Workforce!


It can be difficult to deal with the complexity of team management. But what if you had a tool that not only simplified but also engaged this process? Enter The Scouts' brand-new Dashboard Feature, your one-stop shop for workforce management

Dashboard 1

No More Leave Surprises!

You've had to deal with a situation where you weren't aware that one of your employees was on leave. Put an end to these surprises! We display in our dashboard which category of person is on leave and how they are classified. You are always on the receiving end, whether it is vacation, sick or unplanned leave.

Personalised To-Do Lists for Admins:

You're trying to balance a lot of things? Make a list of the things you want to do on your dashboard. Every day, prioritise, check off accomplished tasks, and stay on top of your every single day.

Monthly Job Roster - Visualised:

A picture's worth a thousand words. To make sure that you are always ready for what is to come, a graphical representation of the month's worklist provides an immediate overview.

Dive Deep with Staff & Location Insights:

Understanding your team's dynamic and location variance has never been more difficult. With our graphical perspective, you'll be able to see how many people are deployed in various sites, which will give you a clear view of your choices.

Real-Time Job Updates:

Stay updated with the pulse of your organisation. Our dashboard keeps you up to date with real-time information about pending jobs, which makes it possible for you to stay informed at all times.

Analytics That Drive Performance:

What are the active people at this time? Who's going to do it all the way? To obtain a detailed view of the team's performance, you can use our working staff analysis tool.

Never Miss a License Expiry:

It can be time-consuming to maintain a large number of licences. Not any more, though! Ensure compliance and seamless operation by receiving timely updates on the expiry of the licence.

In today's fast-paced business environment, having a tool that offers a holistic view of your organisation is invaluable. The Scouts dashboard is more than just a feature; it's your partner for effective personnel management. Get out and look at it, then let us reconsider how you're managing your team.


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