Location Tracking

October 12, 2023 2024-01-01 7:32

Transforming Location Data into Strategic Details

Location Tracking

The Scouts recognise the importance of knowing where your staff are on-site for peace of mind. Our location tracking feature has been developed With simplicity to ensure that you always know where and when your personnel are on the ground.




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Organised Location

Transformation of unorganised location data into an organised, navigable map that supports strategic service delivery. The excellence of ensuring that every staff member is exactly where they need to be.

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RealTime Updates

With the Scouts, you will never be in the dark. The system will update your employees' location in real time. It's as though your staff are watched 24 hours a day, seven days a week by an online guardian.

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Site Insights

You'll learn about staff movements and activities there. When it comes to checking patrol or the protection of any vital site, you are being taken care of by Scouts.

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Instant Notifications

You're afraid of a sudden incident or emergency? The scouts can send you immediate notification of any entry or exit by a guard in the designated area, giving you instant awareness and an opportunity to react quickly.


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GPS Tracker

 You can use Scouts GPS Tracker, an invaluable tool for real-time position tracking and management, to manage operational success. Improve the performance of your workforce in safety, route efficiency and accountability.


Create a specific radius to mark authorized and restricted areas on-site and get notified of a violation. With automatic, location-based actions, our geofencing solutions empower your organisation by assuring compliance, improving security, and optimising resource utilisation.

Strategic Planning

Dive deep into data, investigate scheduling trends, and use insights to optimise your staff and reduce costs efficiently.

Secure, Cloud-Based Data Management

Secure, cloud-based storage ensures the integrity and availability of time-tracking data, while our strong security standards protect your data.

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